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Peppermint Grab-N-Go

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Essential Oils + Kinesiology Tape: Our proprietary quick and easy 2-in-1 relief system combines the highest quality kinesiology tape (k-tape) with microencapsulated essential oils. 

Multicolor Precut Strips: Each Grab-N-Go kit contains 2 black water-resistant precut strips. Simply peel and use. Each strip lasts 1-7 days. For product instructions click here.

Peppermint Relief Essential Oils

Cools for fatigued muscles after physical activity
Soothes for an icy-hot effect on skin
Invigorates for work and study
Refreshes for better breathing
Energizes to enliven the senses
Self-Confidence to help with mood improvement

A simple and effective solution designed to help you stay active, NFUZ is both innovative and easy to use, staying in place without slipping or becoming overly oily. 

Essential oils are encapsulated in a thin shell.

Mirco-caps are infused into the tape fibers.

Oils are activated & reactivated by rubbing.

Mirco-caps burst & release oils on demand.



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