Our Story

Meet doctor James Jim Rosenbeck (Jim), DO, and physical therapist John Willmore, PT. Jim and John have treated thousands of patients over the years using kinesiology tape. It's a mainstay in sports medicine and is often used to treat and prevent injuries and assist in therapy. In addition to tape, many of their patients also enjoyed the benefits of using essential oils in their training and recovery. 

Unfortunately, the use of these two methods together didn’t work well. Essential oils and kinesiology tape were both helpful separately but trying to combine them together was a disaster! The tape wouldn’t stick because of the oils, not to mention the oils would cause a mess for both the athlete and the applier.

With this problem in mind, the idea behind NFUZ was formed. How can we combine essential oils and kinesiology tape to help with performance, recovery and healing while avoiding the problems previously encountered? After many experiments, research, and trials they created the perfect patent pending method which they called NFUZ.

NFUZ allows users to have the experience of both kinesiology tape and essential oils combined in an easy-to-use, mess-free delivery system that can be repeatedly reactivated while wearing the tape just by rubbing it. Their athletes have loved wearing the tape and it is a “hot” commodity in the training room before and after games. NFUZ is a simple concept with a complex design. It is a must have for anyone wanting to increase their performance or enhance their recovery.